Portuguese Pot au Feu/Cozido à Portuguesa

Classic one pot (well, almost one pot) hearty dish using a variety of meats, charcuterie and vegetables to create a rich broth. This dish will vary considerably depending on which part of Portugal it comes from. Each region will introduce their own sausages, chouriços, pig’s ear and trotter, chicken, blood sausage (morcela) etc. There is really no rule on what to include or leave out but cooking time for each ingredient is crucial so that the dish doesn’t turn into undifferentiated mash… This recipe is a guide on how to time the various types of ingredients.

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Bean Stew/Feijão Guisado

There are numerous ways around this dish and they range from full feijoada (a rich bean and vegetable stew will lots of cured and fresh meats) to the simple boiled beans. This recipe is somewhere in between and is ideal as an accompaniment for grilled meats. You can adjust the chilli content to your taste though the dish is not supposed to be spicy. The dish should reach an almost creamy texture with a rich deep taste.

Bean Stew
Bean Stew

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