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Scallops with Chouriço/Vieiras com Chouriço

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Fresh scallops are incredibly rare in Portugal these days but this dish captures some of the magic of classic Portuguese cured meat and seafood combinations such as squid or monkfish grilled skewers. These simple recipes blend delicate sea flavours with strong cured land produce such as smoked bacon or chouriço to achieve a unique richness in contrast. For this recipe scallops should be cleaned to remove the rubbery muscle and skin while cleaning the liver (orange bit) from brown bits of skin. Seasoning this dish depends on the saltiness of your chouriço so make sure you taste before serving and add fleur de sel, Maldon or Kosher salt before serving. This recipe is served on a slice of courgette and serves 4 starters.

Scallops with Chouriço

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Written by Pedro Rebelo

May 5, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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