A list of restaurant recommendations, mostly tried and tested. Well certainly tried and liked. The list is by no means exhaustive though I’ll keep updating the page.


Alma, Lisboa
Henrique Sá Pessoa’s restaurant in the Santos district. Serene atmosphere is the background for Pessoa’s exquisite cuisine which applies French technique to Portuguese flavours.

Tasca da Esquina
Chef Victor Sobral brings a new twist to Portuguese classic dishes.

Painel d’Alcantra, Lisboa
Excellent selection of fish rice dishes (including monkfish rice). Great busy atmosphere and service. Not for amateurs!

1 de Maio, Rua d’atalaia. Bairro Alto, Lisboa
Great everyday lunch restaurant in Lisboa’s cool district.

Orelhas, Queijas
Upmarket with recently revived traditional Portuguese entree.

Fialho, Évora
Classic Portuguese restaurant known for variety and quality (and price) of entrees that seem to inundate the table before you even get a chance to order!

Paparico, Porto
Exclusive restaurant with only a couple of choices of excellent quality. The owner does most of the choosing (wine, food, timing…) and he’s always right. Not for amateurs!

Majestic, Porto – One of the oldest cafes in Porto, opulent, soft porn music and great Francesinha! … Lovely
Francesinha is a strange combination of urban convenience and rural wholesomeness, this is not subtle food. Recipes vary but at its core is a toasted sandwich with a steak, ham, cured sausage, topped with melted cheese and in an extremely rich sauce bed. They say it all depends on the sauce which is in itself hard to describe but somewhere along the lines of a spicy, beef stock-based, glossed with butter type of thing. The recipe is of course always secret! In any case this is not really food you want to make at home. A number of places in Porto claim to have the best and this is constant cause for debate. The one at Majestic is fairly safe!

Frei Papinhas, Castelo Branco
Excellent home-made food and friendly service. Salted cod dishes, char-grilled meats and fish and great migas and other accompaniments


Le Hangar, 12 Impasse berthaud 75003 Paris
Classic French cooking in homely setting. Don’t spread the word too much (thanks Alain), I’d like to keep this small and beautiful. Excellent parmentiere de confit de canard.

Chez Charlotte, Aix en Provence
Local home food. Known for steak tartare and excellent vegetable terrines.

Pierre Gagnaire, rue Balzac, Paris
An experience!

Le Comptoir du Relais
Excellent food and atmosphere including heated terrace with cosy pig-themed blankets.

Trattoria del Galeone, Genoa
Excellent simple and homely service – no pampering.

Ramma, Salvador, Bahia
Slightly new age but great natural and organic food banquet. Bahia fusion!

Capela, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro
Portuguese food in Rio. Great bolinho de bacalhau and cabrito (kid). Excellent raw service and great hang out.


L’Entrecote Saint-Jean
2022, rue Peel, Montreal
One dish menu, steak et frites. Extremely fresh salad aux noix with a consistent vinaigrette, great steak with a mustard sauce (hint of brandy) not dissimilar to “bife à café”. Great service including delicate virtuosity in swapping between French and English.

Chez Doval
150 rue Marie-Anne Est
One of the many fairly authentic Portuguese restaurants in Montreal. Good grilled chicken.

3883 St Laurent Blvd
Excellent straight ahead Portuguese grilled chicken.


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  1. Next time you come to Montreal you need to try Portus Calle, probably the best Portuguese restaurant in the city. Portuguese cuisine often eludes my dinner radar. I tend to think of it as mostly grilled meat, fish and potatoes. But much to my delight, Portus Calle proved to me that it’s much more interesting than that! You can see my review:éléna-Loureiro

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